Myths about Cold and Flu:

get well soon

We all grew up with Grandma’s special recipe for colds, passed down from generations long ago. Or we may have our own home remedies or sanitizing secrets that we’ve conjured up for the common cold or flu.

We have all done it – or at least seen others do it: covering up with extra blankets, trying to figure out if it’s “feed a cold, starve a fever” or is it the other way around, sticking your head over a bowl of steaming hot water – all in the hopes that we will sweat or starve the cold or flu out.

The only benefit most of these have is to make you feel a little better (because it may temporarily address the symptoms) but in the long run, may prolong your recovery time or do nothing at all.

These myths and misconceptions are as common as any common cold or flu.

And there are of course, many home remedies that aren’t on this list and this is not meant to be an exhaustive reference page.

We just want to help educate everyone about the most common myths relating to the cold and flu and, hopefully, help you to better prepare to cope with them in the future. So the best way to truly protect you from cold and flu viruses is to know the facts, not the legends.

Oh, and wash your hands often!

Note: this is not a substitute for a professional diagnosis. Consult a doctor or healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis of the flu or a cold.